RV Coverage

RV Insurance
Protect your assets, Just Auto Insurance believes life outside work must be measured, as people transgress into to outside activities, along with your RV protection is needed. Accidents involving RVs, like those involving trucks, have a greater damage margin than those day to day citizens conducting automobiles. Chat with our our knowledgeable insurance agents, consider talking about the following information:

Class A vehicles RVs are built like a large apartments, resembling a bus. Very expensive
costing a few hundred thousand dollars.

Class B vehicles resemble vans, tall ceiling with enough space to walk around.
Consisting of large wheel frames to displace weight and additional room to provide

Class C vehicles are large trucks, or vans

Automobile policy coverage are similar when it comes to RV protection by including Liability and Physical Damage protection. Our agents are at your disposition
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Personalized RV Insurance Coverage
Personal Belongings Coverage
Full Replacement Cost Coverage
Permanent Attachment Coverage
Complete General Liability
Storage Savings

Boat Coverage

Mothernature is unforseen, consider your boat having the coverage it deserves, forecasting your futures plans is the best way to start planning for your peace of mind when you set sail.

Coverages you should consider when talking to your agents:
Towing and Assistance
Personal Liability
Watercraft Liability
Medical Payments

Discounts are available in a couple ways
Boaters Safety Course, license or degree discount
Protective device discounts
Multi-policy discount
Multi-boat discount

Flexible payment options are available with personalize policies. Options to choose deductibles that suits you best, and automatic renewal system to prevent a coverage lapse.

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MISC Coverage

We have more affordable insurance coverage for your personalized equipment, ask us, talk to us, you have an agent on the other side of your phone

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